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Seven Questions with Neil Hartman

Neil Hartman on set at Comcast SportsNet where he has kept us up to date on all Philadelphia sports news since 1997.

Neil Hartman on set at Comcast SportsNet where he has kept us up to date on all Philadelphia sports news since 1997.

He’s a native of Westport, Conn., but has called the Seven Mile Beach his summer home for more than 20 years. If you have even a passing interest in sports and live in the Philadelphia area, you know both his name and his face. He’s been with Comcast SportsNet since its inception in 1997, and in just a couple of months you’ll no doubt see him with his wife and two children on the beach in Avalon. With hockey and basketball playoffs just around the corner, and baseball season upon us, we thought this was a perfect time to learn even more about Neil Hartman.


7MT: Traditionally, April means basketball and hockey playoffs and the start of the baseball season. If you’re a sports fan, is there a better time of the year?
NH: Absolutely, April is a great time of the year for sports: all the playoffs and the start of another Phillies season. Best of all, it means summer is around the corner!

7MT: In your opinion, what’s the best-kept secret on the Seven Mile Beach?
NH: We really enjoy the north end of Avalon and taking long walks, often ending up at our favorite breakfast spot – the Fishin’ Pier – at the end of the boardwalk.

7MT: As a member of the media, you can’t have a favorite athlete – but there must be one who you enjoy covering – because he/she makes your job even more enjoyable. Who would that be?
NH: Without a doubt, Charles Barkley. Besides being a great athlete and personality to report on, he also enjoys Avalon.


Neil and Lauren Hartman, who have been married 18 years, are shown here with their children Talia, 12, adn Owen, 10.7MT: You obviously watch sports on CSN all of the time – but what’s your favorite non-sports television program?
NH: As a family, we really like to watch “Shark Tank,” “Survivor” and “The Middle.” I’m also a big fan of “60 Minutes” and “Real Sports.”


7MT: You have a sizable drive to and from Avalon from Philadelphia. What do you traditionally listen to on those trips on your car radio?
NH: I mostly listen to whatever game is on, or talk radio. Otherwise, I’m usually on the phone (with my earpiece, of course!).

7MT: You have been with CSN 15 years. You’ve had the opportunity to see an amazing number of incredible sports events. What one event had the greatest impact on you?
NH: Being with CSN since its inception has been very rewarding. In the almost 15 years, the greatest impact has to be covering the Phillies’ World Series parade in 2008. I was on the air at the beginning of the parade route on Market Street with the intent of heading down Broad Street to my next location. I never got there, because the millions of people that were enjoying the moment weren’t about to move. It was so great to see that many people finally able to enjoy a championship.


7MT: What’s a typical day on the Seven Mile Beach like for you?
NH: Love starting my day with a run. When I’m not going into Philadelphia for work, I spend time with my family, generally at the beach. There’s nothing better than watching the sunset from the beach and then heading back to the house to cook dinner on the grill.